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Hello Everyone!  We are currently producing white elm oysters (ElmA Strain from Aloha), Blue/Gray oysters (Amycel’s 3015) and pink (Aloha’s P. djamor var. salmoneostraminius) strains!

Since our volume is increasing, this means the price is going to drop substantially.  The primary reason is we want you, the customer, restaurateur, and wholesaler to get the best value for wonderful quality.  We are also introducing purchase minimums of 1 pound per customer.  Since we love you all so much who heartily enjoy the finest mushrooms available, we’ll even account for a 1-week moisture loss, should you toss them in the fridge and forget about them 7 days later.

Why would you want more mushrooms?  Take a look at how you can cook and preserve these wonderful gifts of creation and science here!

This week also, we will add a pre-order link for our farmers market followers.  This means you can pre-order what you want for the week and pick up in Shelbyville at the Fairgrounds during normal Shelby County Farmers Market hours.  Right now, the Shelby County Farmers Market is open on Wednesdays 3PM-6PM, and Saturdays, 8AM-12PM Eastern Daylight Time.  Our mushrooms are also available at the Pleasureville, Kentucky, Indoor Farmers Market & Grocery throughout the week, Tuesday-Friday, 11AM-2PM, and Saturdays, 8AM-12PM.

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