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Oyster Mushrooms – How to cook and preserve!

So you love oyster mushrooms, and have a bunch on your hands that you just can’t eat in a day or two?  You’re in luck, for the following will provide you the best ways to preserve your purchase:

1 – You can preserve by simply drying at 100-120ºF in your favorite dehydrator until the mushrooms are cracker-dry.   This usually takes a minimum of 12 hours, depending on how you load your dehydrator. Can’t wait that long?  Simply package your dried (tough to tear, but not cracker dry) into a freezer storage bag.  Either method can keep your dried mushrooms fresh for up to a year.  Cracker-dry?  You can get away with going even longer in dried storage.  While we do plan on offering dried mushrooms for sale in the coming month, you will get the best value by purchasing fresh so you can control what size, shape, etc., that you want.  Simply re-hydrate in the microwave by immersing in cool water and microwaving 6-10 minutes on high.  You can also grind your dried mushrooms into a powder for seasoning or a nice, hearty, meaty addition to any sauce you prefer.

2 – So you want to freeze them only?  Most mushrooms, sadly, turn to mush [sic] if just frozen when raw.  Instead, parboil or sautee until fully-cooked, using butter or olive oil, with salt and garlic if you prefer.  Then, drain excess oil, butter, or water for 2 minutes, then place into freezer bags.  The texture of the mushrooms are then preserved for the next 6 months.

3 – So you don’t care about preservation, and just want to eat them all?  The simplest way to incorporate these mushrooms into any dish is simply substitute them for any other mushroom.  The texture of oyster mushrooms are consistent enough so that you can use them in place of white buttons, creminis, portabellos, and most wild mushroom species.

Thank you again for purchasing our product and your interest in our mushrooms.  Pre-ordering option will become available within the next 7-10 days — stay tuned for details.

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